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The New Tomahawk 2 Goes Both Ways

Unless you have been too busy working or drowning in Trump posts on Facebook - you know that Teradek's BOLT 3000 is the new, best in class, top-of-line wireless video system with a ton a features and lightening fast reconnects and a killer range. 

But if you are an AC, DIT or Video Assist operator that relies on a kit rental to help with those pesky mortgage payments, you need to consider compatibility with systems in the marketplace to get the best utilization and ROI.

While the new, BOLT 3000 systems are making their way into key rental houses - there are a substantial amount of BOLT 2000 and Tomahawk (1st Gen) systems spread across the rental house market and used on productions every day, specifically in the episodic and feature film jobs.

Enter the Paralinx Tomahawk 2.

This is a product re-fresh for Tomahawk - making the units smaller and tougher - with both HDMI & SDI inputs - but the most significant thing IMO about the Tomahawk 2 is the fact that it is compatible with Teradek Bolt 2000, Sidekick1, or Paralinx Tomahawk (1st Gen).  

So ... kit up with the Tomahawk 2 - you don't have to worry if the next production you jump onto is using BOLT 2000s or Tomahawk 1stGen. Your kit can go both ways :)

BUY it, RENT it, or TEST it today at OFFHOLLYWOOD.

Introducing the Paralinx Tomahawk2 from PARALINX on Vimeo.



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