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Digital Sputnik DS6

Digital Sputnik DS6

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  • Extremely bright (up to 4KW Tungsten equivalent)
  • Modular design (grows with Your needs)
  • 1500K - 10 000K adjustable
  • Full RGB color gamut
  • Remote control operation


DS Lighting system utilizes a completely reinvented approach to lighting technology. It is designed to fit conveniently and effectively with the changing needs of the filmmaking industry. The full freedom of light that feels just right in your hands. This is the future of lighting re-imagined.

DS Lighting systems offer smart LED technology in an all-new super efficient toolset. The system consists of Light modules and modular PSU units. This makes it possible to focus only on the big creative idea, and to have less hassle with the scene set-up.

Important focus here is on the compact design and versatility of products. The modules can be composed in every which way needed to build either larger or stronger light sources. The ecologically minded small footprint LED modules produce an extremely strong output.

We believe that a comfortable and efficient user experience is essential for great lighting. We gave special attention to how a user can build the necessary light fixture for the job at hand using accessories and modifiers. The fixtures can be reconfigured from soft to hard light even when already on the set.

Digital Sputnik is using RGBW LED technology giving full color control to the user - no need to gel another fixture ever again. Dimming is cleverly done using analog current control eliminating the chance for flickering under any circumstances - odd shutter angle, high frame rate, HDRx and so on - rendering the experience flawless.

Since we are giving the user total control, we wanted to make sure the product was the most progressive and versatile one on the market. DS Control HSI approach to color control allows you to have an exact supervision over Intensity, Temperature, Saturation and Hue. This provides a universal interface and color control approach for manual (local), DS Control iOS software (wireless remote) or DMX (wired remote) control of the fixtures.

With revolutionary kelvin calibrated temperature range from 1500-10000K, a DS user can find the exact necessary color out of all possible combinations. Once the user has found the desired color, it is possible to change intensity without the color being affected. By using only Hue and Saturation values it is possible to imitate all major Lee or Rosco color filters. Every filter is composed of a pair of values that can be used either on manual, DS Control or DMX board (within already existing technology).

LED technology offers huge efficiency gains. A single 20-amp, 120VAC circuit can power DS LED fixtures with comparable output to 12 kW tungsten fixtures. Smaller infrastructure requirements allow for greater flexibility on the set - no generator, less cables, faster turnaround because of remote control, and finally, no gels.

All of DS units are machined out of solid blocks of aluminum, making them extremely durable and long-lasting. Every part of the system is engineered to last a lifetime of use (to match or exceed the typical LED 50 000 hr lifetime). The DS light modules are designed for an easy upgrade to newer technology as it becomes available. DS3+ and DS1+ flight case sets come with many accessories and modifiers ready to be packed the way you want use them on your next set.


    • Module type: RGBW LED
    • Input power: 90-260 VAC (Worldwide)
    • White balance control: 1,500K - 10,000K with full color control
    • Dimming range: 0-100% dimming flicker free
    • Beam angle: 20 degrees
    • Cables from PSU to DS6 Frame: 10m/30ft (standard, other options available)
    • Remote control options: Wifi (standard, other options available)
    • Maximum power draw per led module: 140 watts per light module (100 watt per light module in 100% 5600K)
    • Maximum power draw per PSU: 840 watts per power supply (600 watt per PSU in 100% 5600K)
    • Ambient temperature range: 0F ~ 115F/-20C ~ 45C
    • Dimensions of a single light module: 116 x 116mm/4 x 4 in, 1.3KG/2.8lb
    • Dimensions of the working case (shipping): 110 x 60 x 25 cm, 45 kg (approx. 43" x 23.5" x 10" 99 lbs)
    • Warranty: 36 Months Worldwide
    • 1 x DS6 Frame with integrated dimmers
    • 6 x DS Light Module RGBW
    • 1 x DS6 PSU
    • 1 x DS6 Cable 10m
    • 1 x DS DMX handle
    • 1 x AC Cable IECLock 2m
    • 1 x DS6 Frame Flight Case with wheels

    In the Box

    • 1 x DS6 Frame with integrated dimmers
    • 6 x DS Light Module RGBW
    • 1 x DS6 PSU
    • 1 x DS6 Cable 10m
    • 1 x DS DMX handle
    • 1 x AC Cable IECLock 2m
    • 1 x DS6 Frame Flight Case with wheels


    • DS6 Snapbag set
    • DS6 Snapbag
    • DS6 Snapgrid
    • DS DMX handle
    • DS WIFI handle
    • DS6 Cable 20m
    • DS Fan


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