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RTMotion Latitude MDR-SK EF Kit
RTMotion Latitude MDR-SK EF Kit
RTMotion Latitude MDR-SK EF Kit

RTMotion Latitude MDR-SK EF Kit

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$ 3,562.02

This is a complete electronic focus RTMotion system with LATITUDE MDR-SK Receiver and MK3.1 Controller. Simply add any Thumbwheels, motors, run/stop cables, power options and accessories your specific setup requires. Please note the MDR-SK has no WIFI module like the other Latitude MDR's as the DSMC2 body has integral WIFI - if you require external WIFI we recommend our MDR-X variant.

This kit is perfect for any DSMC2 RED camera when used with Canon EF or Nikon lenses - Control focus and iris of EF lenses as well as ISO, Shutter, Runstop, 2xMag, Edge and many other camera functions. 

To use this wireless follow focus with PL lenses just add motors (and cables). 

*Data Cables Sold Separately


  • MK3.1 Controller
  • MDR-SK Receiver
  • Latitude RED CTRL Cable 25cm
  • Latitude DTAP Power Cable
  • 2m Controller Wired Mode Cable
  • RTMotion Case
  • MDR-SK Cheeseplate
  • RTMotion Neck-strap
  • LP-E6 Battery
  • LP-E6 Travel charger
  • White disc x3



  • This module requires more power than the RED can supply from the Sidekick port, so you need the external power and CTRL cable included. These connect neatly at the back/bottom of the module.
  • The 3x LM 2-pin power outputs are passed through directly at the same voltage as the Power-Input.
  • The MDR-SK does NOT have WIFI built in as it is for use with DSMC2 cameras which have integral WIFI.
  • The RED SIDEKICK is fully supported and will power and communicate normally.
  • The RED DSMC2 Side Handle is currently NOT supported due to physical warranty concerns but is undergoing testing.
  • RED DSMC2 Sidekick is NOT included.



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