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RTMotion Latitude-Sidekick for DSMC2

RTMotion Latitude-Sidekick for DSMC2

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LATITUDE is an interface between your camera, lens and a range of pro input devices - wireless handsets, thumbwheels, and more.

The LATITUDE-SIDEKICK variant supports:

  • Drive 3x Lens Motors, and/or electronic Focus and Iris on EF and Nikon lenses
  • Wireless hand-set control via RTMotion Controller MK3.1
  • 2x Slave Controller inputs, supporting Thumbwheels, Zoomrocker, Smartknob, etc.
  • 3x LM 2-pin power outputs, for wireless transmitter, monitor, cinetape, etc.
  • Fit the RED blanking plate, a cheese plate, or the RED SIDEKICK on top.
  • Compatible with RED Sidekick (data connection will pass through and function normally!)


    • This module requires more power than the BRAIN can supply from the Sidekick port, so you need EXTERNAL Power and CTRL cables. These connect neatly at the back/bottom of the module.
    • The 3x LM 2-pin power outputs are passed through directly at the same voltage as the Power-Input.
    • The MDR-SK does NOT have WIFI built in as it is for use with DSMC2 cameras which have integral WIFI.
    • The RED SIDEKICK is fully supported and will power and communicate normally. The RED DSMC2 Side Handle is NOT supported due to physical warranty concerns.




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