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RTMotion Lens Motor (MK3.1)

RTMotion Lens Motor (MK3.1)

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$ 1,885.00
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$ 1,885.00

Powerful lens motor. Includes 0.8Mod gear, rod bracket (15+19mm), and 60cm Motor Cable.

  • Fast, accurate, quiet, powerful and smooth
  • World's first brushless vector drive lens Motor - faster response, smoother, quieter, high resolution encoder, no cogging, no sparking, 4x the service life of brushed motors
  • Support for 15mm/19mm rods, good height adjustment, full range of gears available.
  • Unique adjustable compensation for zero-backlash and perfect accuracy even on worn lenses
  • Adjustable Motor response for silky smooth to quick and sharp moves
  • Drive gear can be mounted on either side
  • Lightweight and compact- 115mm x 40mm x 26mm, 212g,
  • 2.2Nm (max allowable torque)

** does not include cable: orderåÊOffhollywood 4-Pin to 4-Pin Lemo-type Cable


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